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FTWOODS Construction is an experienced Design/Builder, and has relationships with several design professionals throughout Central Texas. We also bring Owner’s Representative experience, working as an outsource of our customer’s staff. Whether it’s creating a new retail store in just a few weeks before the holiday season, or finishing a project before grant money expires, there are several reasons why construction projects may require speedy delivery. For those projects, owners often choose the Design/Build delivery method because it allows the design and construction phases to progress concurrently.

An added benefit of Design/Build contracts is that the owner only holds a single contract for both the architect and builder, as opposed to one for each. This contractual relationship also fosters a spirit of collaboration between architect and builder not found in other delivery methods.


FTWOODS Construction is overly qualified when it comes to the Construction Management delivery method, having put into place more than $500 million of projects using CM delivery. Owners enjoy using this method of construction as it allows for much more input from construction professionals during the design phase, resulting in a project that runs smoothly, and with less surprises down the road. Typical services we provide include:

Cost Modeling
Value Engineering
Constructability Review
Quality Control
Safety Planning
Local and Minority Participation Planning


Since the beginning in 1989, FTWOODS Construction has been committed to providing quality General Contracting services to our clients. Whether on a negotiated or design-build basis, FTWOODS brings the right resources to make your project a success.

Dedicated and Experienced Project Management
Timely Communication
Cost-Conscious Decision Making
Accurate Scheduling
Enduring Relationships with Experienced Trade Contractors
Thorough and Methodical Quality Control

Our roots as a General Contractor provide a strong foundation from which we approach our other services. As an active General Contractor, we are very much in-tune with current market conditions. We know the local markets because we compete in them everyday. We use this experience to your advantage by creating realistic schedules and competitive cost estimates.



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